Collective Conscious: A Thought Database

Collective Conscious is a web database of audio recordings relating to human thought processes, idea generation, and philosophy. Users can upload their own recordings, contributing to an accesible knowledge and idea pool.

Audio recordings can fall into one of four categories:
Human Thought Process: For ideas relating to what, as humans, makes us tick. What effects our decision making, and what makes us who we are?
For ideas that are general in nature, and about things vastly bigger than ourselves. The search for truth.
While Falling Asleep:
This is a special category specifically for ideas that are generated while trying to fall asleep. These ideas are often fairly abstract, non-sensible, and bizarre in nature, usually resulting in a thought outside of the traditional way of thinking.
Societal Structure:
This category is for ideas which analyze or depict different social situations, structures, or hierarchies. Thoughts can range from political, to social groupings, or to family life.


Category: Human Thought Process Philosophy While Falling Asleep Societal Structure

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Source code: Thoughts_Database_with_Inner_Balls_with_array_list

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